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The spread of an infectious disease such as Coronavirus happens quickly.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 will be a defining moment in healthcare history for multiple reasons. From PPE shortage to physically and mentally exhausted staff members, this event surely pushed us to work harder than ever to rise to the challenge and do what is best for the facility and, more importantly, our residents and the community.

At Doctors Subacute Healthcare, we understand that an open and prompt communication increases the efficiency of plans put into place in order to prevent and reduce the risk of transmission of an infectious disease. When an outbreak occurs, we make timely communication a priority at all times to ensure your peace of mind. Educating our staff members also plays an important role to guarantee their comfort in providing the top quality care our residents deserve.

Outbreak Plan

Read our Outbreak Plan here: Outbreak Pan

Concerned Families

We have a dedicated email address and phone line for your concerns, as well as contact information for setting up a visit with your loved one.

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